Aoife’s Walk 2019

This year Aoife’s Walk is May 19th 2019 at 1pm

It is a little different to last year and we are meeting at Aoife’s Bench which faces the cricket pitch on the grounds of Malahide Castle, Co.Dublin.

Bring your lunch and your picnic blanket and we will see you there!

Special attire: you must wear a smile!

Aoife’s Walk 2018

Aoife's Walk June 17th 2pm - 4pm, West Lawn in Malahide Castle, Co Dublin was a great success

Hi all,

Thank you all so much again for staying with us here and for the support you have given us these past 6 years. Incredibly this year was the 5th time we gathered for Aoife’s Walk and again we can only offer our heartfelt thanks for helping us to continue to honour and remember our little sweetheart Aoife.

Aoife’s Clown Doctors Ireland have continued to grow this year and your support has been unbelievable over the past 12 months with various fundraising efforts and donations; doll sales, bake sales, GAA ladies runners, Galway Basketball, Communion money donations, Connemara cyclists, and so so many more. The clowns now visit Temple St regularly as well as Crumlin and on the day of Aoife’s Walk you helped us raise a further €5,560 for their efforts - thank you so much..

The clowns are such a fitting way to honour our Aoife and Aine and her team have been working so hard behind the scenes to keep that going and expand in 2018.

I said on the day of Aoife’s Walk how one of the joys of this event is being able to talk about Aoife and hear others (especially friends of Eoin, Roisin, and Amy), mention Aoife’s name and find out all about her in the process. That is so special to us.

Sadly a few short weeks after Aoife’s Walk this year, a beautiful little boy Max Wenman, who had been in hospital with Aoife and had continued his battle with cancer over the past 6 years, passed away just after his 8th birthday. Max and his Mum Cathy are our friends and have been great supporters of Aoife’s Walk. We are so very saddened by his loss and we remember Max now with his cheeky grin and happy outlook. What a fighter.

These are some of our memories in this short 5min video from the event this year. Aoife’s Walk has once again given us many memories to cherish and allows us to bring Aoife with us and to share her with so many.

Love to all,

Adrian, Aine, Roisin, Eoin, Amy and Aoife Always xx.

Aoife’s Walk 2018 from adrian hendrick on Vimeo.

Aoife’s Walk 2017

The VIDEO for Aoife’s Event 2017 is posted below and I think it captures the day and all the ingredients that made it such a special occasion.

It was such a phenomenal team effort this year and the amount of people who supported us in the lead up to and on the day was just fantastic.

I have to admit, we found ourselves very low, missing Aoife so much, in the the first few months of this year. A lot of what we saw was in black and white. Back in March we got a fright with Eoin being unwell for a few weeks and we found ourselves in Temple St over St Patrick's weekend. That as well as Aine’s Mum Teresa becoming being critically ill, really made us question if we were going to be able to put Aoife’s Walk together this year.

Then there were a few sparks of inspiration to pick us up again; the amazing Janet Muir and her children’s class in Germany having a day to remember and fundraise for Aoife’s Clown Doctors, the Clowns visiting the local schools in Malahide and Swords, the reaction from Mr. Brennan, Roisin’s teacher, The Music Man, who immediately had so many ideas for the day. Eoin’s teacher Ms Fitzmaurice too, who has been just amazing with Eoin this year. And of course Lisa in Amy’s Montessorri who loves Aoife so much and who was so delighted to be a part of the event again. When we saw how much enthusiasm people had for Aoife’s Walk and how supportive everyone wanted to be for Aoife’s Clown Doctors, we knew we had to try and raise ourselves for Aoife’s event.

The enthusiasm and warmth with which so many people get behind this event just amazes us every year. Anto printing tickets and flyers, Aisling and Steven sponsoring treats, Paddy buying more treats, John giving us Gazebos, Geraldine at Malahide Castle letting us use the lawn, Aine’s HSE A-Team Declan, Loretta, Mary (with her band of volunteers), Aisling, Sarah and Rory at entrance, Sinead and Derek on hand all day. Selling all those tickets Tina, Orla, Adelle, Derek, and everyone who sold and bought on the day. Joy for being a wonderful new friend to Aine and helping to get us on 2FM with the Nicky Byrne and Jenny. Nicky himself for being so supportive with Georgina and their kids coming along on the day. The list goes on and on and we can’t thank everyone or anybody enough. We just couldn’t do this all on our own.

If it is true to say that Aoife brought out the best in us when she was born, then Aoife continues to bring out the best in people through this wonderful event. Like Dorothy stepping out from her Black and White house after landing in OZ, that was how it felt watching the lawn fill up in Technicolour last weekend. The sights and sounds of warmth, friendliness, compassion and fun all came together and what a way it was to honour our little sweetheart Aoife. We are so grateful to you all for continuing to support us.

So many people have already started talking about and offering encouragement for next year, with ideas and plans, it is overwhelming to hear that and know that Aoife continues to have a place in so many people’s hearts.

Enjoy the video below.

Love to all,

Aine, Adrian, Roisin, Eoin, Amy and Aoife Always xxx.

Aoife's Walk 2017 from adrian hendrick on Vimeo.